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Store Reviewer results in a geodatabase

Errors detected during the quality control process are stored in a geodatabase as Reviewer results and are used during corrective workflows and for error reporting. The following process outlines the steps for storing Reviewer results in a geodatabase. For more information on geodatabases, see Types of geodatabases.

  • Directly editing Reviewer results may corrupt the relationships between the various tables and may affect performance. It is recommended that you manage results using the Reviewer Results and Update Results panes.
  • For best performance, the spatial reference you select for your results should match the spatial reference of the data you are validating.

Perform the following steps to store Reviewer results in a file geodatabase.

  1. Start ArcGIS Pro and open the Catalog pane if necessary.

    To open the Catalog pane, click the View tab and click Catalog Catalog Pane.

  2. Connect to a folder that contains the file geodatabase you want to use to store Reviewer results.
  3. Click the Analysis tab and click Tools Tools.

    The Geoprocessing pane appears.

  4. In the Find Tools search box, type Enable Data Reviewer.
  5. Click the Enable Data Reviewer geoprocessing tool in the Search Results list.

    The Enable Data Reviewer geoprocessing tool appears in the Geoprocessing pane.

  6. For the Workspace parameter, browse to the file geodatabase you want to use to store Reviewer results.
  7. For the Coordinate System parameter, select the spatial reference that matches the data you will be reviewing.
  8. Click Run.

    When the tables have been successfully created, a message appears at the bottom of the Geoprocessing pane.

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