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Create a vertex between two locations

Midpoint Midpoint creates a vertex between two consecutive points you click on a map. It is available on the construction toolbar when you create a line or a polygon feature.

When using it with other construction tools, the active sketch is suspended until the vertex is added and a segment from the previous vertex is drawn.

This tool can be useful when you need to create a linear feature midway between two features. For example, you can create a vertex between two parcels on opposing sides of a road and then use other construction tools to complete a road centerline.

Create a midpoint vertex

Creating a midpoint vertex works transparently with other segment construction tools. After a vertex is created and a line segment is drawn from the previous vertex, you can click a different construction tool and continue sketching the feature.

  1. In the Catalog pane, do one of the following to add the layer to your map:
    • Expand Databases Databases, expand the database containing your data, and drag the feature class onto the map.
    • Right-click the default database, click New, click Feature Class Polygon feature class, type the feature class name, choose the geometry type, choose the coordinate system, and click Run Run.

    The layer is added to the current map, and a feature template with default settings is automatically created.

  2. On the Edit tab, in the Features group, click Create Create Features.

    The Create Features pane appears.

  3. In the pane, click a polyline, or polygon feature template.

    The template expands to show the tool palette.

  4. Next to the tool palette, click the Active Template button Forward.

    The tool palette and the feature attribute table for the active template appear in the pane.

  5. In the attribute table, type the values you want to apply to the new feature.
  6. On the Edit tab, in the Snapping group, click Snapping List By Snapping, enable your snapping preferences, and move the pointer back to the map.
  7. Click Line Line or Polygon Polygon.

    The construction toolbar appears.

    Construction toolbar
  8. You can click the map and begin creating the feature or use the tool to create the first vertex at the midpoint between two points.
  9. On the toolbar, click the segment tool drop-down arrow and click Midpoint Midpoint.

    The sketch temporarily suspends creating segments until the vertex is created.

  10. Click two points on the map between which you want to create a vertex.

    The tool creates the vertex and draws a line segment from the previous vertex, if it exists.

  11. You can continue creating segments at midpoints or click another tool on the construction toolbar and create connecting line or arc segments.
  12. On the toolbar, click Finish Finish, or press the F2 key.
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