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Replace feature geometry

In the Modify Features pane, Replace Geometry Replace Geometry replaces all geometry for a polyline or polygon feature with new geometry you create in the map. This workflow preserves the attribute values of the original feature.

You can also create geometry for features with null geometry, for example, when a geocoded feature contains null geometry as a result of an unmatched record. For steps to replace specific segments with new segments you create in the map, see Reshape a feature.

Replace geometry

To replace the geometry of a feature with new geometry, click Replace Geometry Replace Geometry, select the feature, and draw the new feature over the existing feature with tools on the construction toolbar.

  1. On the Edit tab in the Features group, click Modify Modify Features.

    The Modify Features pane appears.

  2. Expand Reshape and click Replace Geometry Replace Geometry.

    The tool opens in the pane.

  3. In the pane, click Active Select Active Select, and select the feature you want to replace.

    The selection appears as a list in the pane, and the construction toolbar appears at the bottom of the map.

    Construction toolbar
  4. If you select more than one feature, click an item in the list to flash it in the map, right-click the feature you want to edit, and click Only Select This Unselect on the context menu.
  5. On the Edit tab in the Snapping group, enable your snapping preferences.
    • Press and hold the Spacebar to temporarily turn snapping off.
  6. Create the new feature geometry using the tools on the construction toolbar.

    As you create new geometry, the x, y, and z coordinates appear in the vertices table.

  7. To apply your changes, right-click and click Finish Finish or press the F2 key.

    The original feature geometry is replaced with the new geometry.

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