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Animation how-to videos

The following collection of videos includes lessons ranging from beginner to more complex concepts. Click a video to learn about animation.

Make your first animation

This video is intended for someone new to animation. You will learn how to add a blank animation to your map or scene and how to export to a specific video resolution to share with others. You will learn to create keyframes, set the duration, make adjustments, and play a preview of the animation before exporting.

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Capture layer properties in keyframes

Use layer visibility and transparency properties to fade content in and out from the display captured in your keyframes. For example, use these effects if you want to show a before-and-after comparison map.

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Use bookmarks to create an animation

Import bookmarks to create an animation by converting the bookmarks into keyframes.

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Use animation overlays to add text and images

Overlays are text or image elements added to the animation to provide additional information. Learn how to add overlays such as titles, paragraphs, and watermarks and also how to customize the editable properties of an overlay.

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Animate shadows over time

Animations can capture not only camera properties but also layer and time properties enhancing realistic visualization effects in 3D. In this video, you will learn how to animate a shadow impact zone for a new building construction over time.

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Animate linear paths

Animating a path is a great way to show the route of an object or person moving through space. This lesson shows how to create an video using a line feature to draw a path through the map using animations. You will see how to edit a line feature into ordered pieces, configure the range slider to use the line number sequence and then create keyframes to follow the display of the individual line segments in order.

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