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Create a scene layer

Web scene layer

Scene layers can be created and viewed in ArcGIS Pro directly, or uploaded to ArcGIS Enterprise or ArcGIS Online to be published as a web scene layer. You can also share point, building, multipatch and LAS dataset layers within a web scene.

Create a scene layer package

There are a number of tools that create scene layer packages. The table below lists the corresponding geoprocessing tools with supported input datasets.

Input datasetCorresponding geoprocessing tool

Multipatch feature layer, layer file

Create 3D Object Scene Layer Package

Building layer, layer file

Create Building Scene Layer Package,

Open scene graph binary (OSGB) file, a folder containing OSGB files

Create Integrated Mesh Scene Layer Package

LAS, zLAS, LAZ files, LAS dataset, layer file, a folder of lidar data

Create Point Cloud Scene Layer Package

Point feature layer, layer file

Create Point Scene Layer Package