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Manage bookmarks

Bookmarks can identify the map or scene where they were created. The Bookmarks pane lists the bookmarks by map for the current project with the active view's bookmarks on top. Any bookmark in your current project can be managed using the Bookmarks pane without an active map or scene view. Hover over a bookmark to give focus to it and access management buttons for the state of your bookmark such as navigation, update, and removal.

The Bookmarks pane can be accessed from the Map tab. In the Navigate group, click Bookmarks Bookmarks and click Manage Bookmarks Manage Bookmarks. The following actions are available in the Manage Bookmarks pane:


Create a new bookmark

Interactively navigate to the desired location and scale, and click the New Bookmark button New Bookmark. You will be prompted to provide a name and a description, which can be edited later.

Delete a bookmark

To permanently remove a bookmark from the project, hover over the bookmark and click Remove Remove.

Edit a bookmark description

Expand the arrow next to the bookmark so that the description is visible. Click the Edit Description button Edit Description and provide the desired information.

Rename a bookmark

Once focus is on the desired bookmark, click once on the name and it will open for editing. To commit the change, either click outside of the text area or press Enter to save the update.

Reorganize bookmarks

Click and drag bookmarks to rearrange them in the associated map or scene groupings in the pane.

Update an existing bookmark

Navigate to the bookmark in its current state, and use the Explore tool Explore Tool to refine its extent or viewpoint. Click the Update button Update Bookmark, and the extent, time (if applicable), and thumbnail of the bookmark are updated.

Pan to a bookmark

To center the view on the exact bookmark location but remain at the current map scale, use the Pan To button Pan To.

Zoom to a bookmark

To center and zoom in on the exact bookmark location, use the Zoom To button Zoom To.

Gallery and Outline modes

The Bookmarks pane can be switched between Gallery and Outline mode. Gallery mode includes thumbnails, while Outline mode suppresses those previews. This can be changed using the Menu button Menu in the upper-right corner of the pane.

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