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Prioritize labels

Label priority controls the order in which labels will be placed on the map. Labels with a higher priority will generally be placed before labels with a lower priority. Also, lower-priority labels that conflict with higher-priority labels can be placed at alternative positions or dropped from the map.

Label priority can work on a layer-by-layer basis, or you can specify label priority within layers by further dividing a layer's labels into label classes. For example, you could divide your city labels into two label classes, major cities and secondary cities. Then you could give the major city labels a higher priority than the secondary labels.

To increase the chance that more important features are labeled first, assign these features a higher label priority.

  1. On the Labeling tab, in the Map group, click More > Priorities.
  2. Select the label class or classes for which you want to change the label priority and move using the arrows.
  3. Hold down Shift or Ctrl to select multiple label classes.

To ensure that all labels in a layer or label class are placed on your map, confirm that the layer or label class is at the top of the Label Priority list, and has Place Overlapping Labels checked.