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What is ArcGIS for Aviation: Airports

Available with Aviation Airports license.

ArcGIS for Aviation: Airports includes the following:

  • Tools that generate obstruction identification surfaces (OIS) based on the following specifications: FAA 150/5300-18B, FAA FAR 77, FAA 150/5300-13A, ICAO Annex 14, ICAO Annex 15, and ICAO Annex 4. Additional tools for OIS creation are Create Curved Approach and Unified Facilities Criteria.

    For more information, see An overview of the Obstruction Identification Surfaces toolset.

  • Tools that examine, analyze, and enhance aviation content: Analyze Runway Obstacles, Generate OIS Obstacle Data, Generate OIS Profile Data, and Analyze LAS Runway Obstacles.

    For more information, see An overview of the Analysis toolset.

  • Tools that allow you to export 18B geodatabase features to an 18B-compliant shapefile as well as import shapefiles into a geodatabase with the 18B schema: Export 18B Shapefiles and Import 18B Shapefiles.

    For more information, see An overview of the Data Exchange toolset.

  • Functionality that allows you to manage and edit airport signs in 3D by choosing the panel style and entering the text that is displayed on the sign.

    For more information, see Manage signs.

  • The Terrain and Obstacle Profile element provides a view of the runway and approach surfaces, as well as any obstructions and terrain that protrude through them.