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Use project and portal items

Whether you are building maps or analyzing data, at some point you will browse or search for items in your project or active portal to choose the layer, dataset, tool, or package you want to use.

  • In the Catalog pane, if you hover over an item, a pop-up displays some information about it—for project items this includes the item's location.
  • In the Catalog pane, right-click an item and click View Description to see its metadata in the Catalog view details panel. For some items such as styles, additional item properties may also be available.
  • For items that can be added to projects, right-click them and click Add To Project. You can only browse the contents of GIS server and enterprise database connections that have been added to a project.
  • For items that can be added to maps, right-click them and click Add To Current Map; choose the specific map to which the item should be added; or, click Add To New Map. New layers are created in the map using information available from the item.
  • For items that can be added to maps, layouts, or used with tools, you can drag them to the desired destination.
  • For items that can be managed using ArcGIS Pro, right-click them and click Copy or Delete. Only items that have been added to the project can be managed, such as database connections.
  • To refresh the list of items while you are browsing, press F5. Alternatively, right-click a folder, geodatabase, server, or item category and click Refresh. In the Catalog pane, click Options at the top, then click Refresh. The ArcGIS Pro search index will be updated.

In general, only items that can be used in ArcGIS Pro will be listed for the active portal. However, some items may appear with the generic online item icon (a blue cloud with a blank page); this icon indicates the portal item isn't recognized by ArcGIS Pro, and can't be used at this time.

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