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00297: <value> layers must be shared with everyone

You are publishing a map image layer or feature layer with an OGC layer or capability (WFS, WMS, or WCS) and are not sharing publicly. To ensure the WFS layer, WMS layer, or WCS is accessible and draws correctly, it must be shared with everyone. The value parameter refers to the enabled OGC layer or capability.


  • In the Sharing pane, on the General tab, under Share with, check Everyone.

More information

A WFS or WMS layer shared with a map image layer is dependent on the map image layer. Both layers must be shared publicly for the WFS or WMS layer to work correctly.

A WFS layer shared with a feature layer to ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise using the Copy all data option is not dependent on the feature layer. After the layers have been successfully shared, the feature layer can be unshared without affecting the WFS layer.