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24027: Map uses a custom coordinate system

You are sharing a map image layer with a WFS layer, WMS layer, or WCS capability using a custom coordinate system.


  • Use the provided solution to change the coordinate system of the map to a predefined geographic or projected coordinate system.

More information

OGC (WMS, WFS, or WCS) services rely on common EPSG codes to define supported coordinate systems for the service. In cases where you customize the coordinate system for a map, for example, you adjust a meridian for a projected coordinate system; there will be no corresponding EPSG code. In these cases, ArcGIS writes EPSG:0 or SRS:0 into the OGC service's capabilities file. You can still share the service, since the service will default to SRS:84 (WGS 1984). However, the custom coordinate system specified in the map will not be available to users of the service, since no common EPSG code exists for it.