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24090: Ellipsoidal vertical coordinate systems may draw incorrectly

You are sharing a web scene that has an ellipsoidal vertical coordinate system. Although web scenes support both ellipsoidal and gravity-based vertical coordinate systems, there may be inconsistencies in drawing when an ellipsoidal vertical coordinate system is used.


  • The provided solution will open the scene's coordinate systems property page. There, you can either remove the vertical coordinate system or define a gravity-based vertical coordinate system.
  • Do nothing. The scene may draw incorrectly.

More information

Vertical coordinate systems provide a reference for z-coordinates. There are two types of vertical coordinate systems: ellipsoidal and gravity-based coordinate systems.

  • Ellipsoidal coordinate systems reference an ellipsoidal or spheroidal surface. They are purely mathematical and are not based on a real surface.
  • Gravity-based coordinate systems reference a surface defined by a mean sea level calculation or a surface originally leveled from a single point. Gravity-based coordinate systems use orthometric heights, which means that the vertical units are feet or meters.

Global scenes support EGM2008 or EGM1996 as gravity-based coordinate systems.