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Introduction to sharing packages

A package is a compressed file containing GIS data. You share a package in the same way as any other file—via email, FTP, the cloud, thumb drives, and so on. You share them between colleagues in a workgroup, between departments in an organization, or with other users via ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise. The recipient of your package unpacks it and can immediately begin using its contents. Packages can also be used to archive your work.

Packages can be opened in any version of ArcGIS Pro. Functionality in the package that is not supported at the version of ArcGIS Pro being used to consume the package will be not be available.

You can continue to work with ArcGIS Pro while your sharing job is processing. You can even close ArcGIS Pro. You can monitor the status of your sharing jobs from the Job Status pane.

You can create the following packages with ArcGIS Pro:

  • A project package (.ppkx) saves and shares a project along with its maps, data, styles, toolboxes, tasks, attachments, geoprocessing history, and connections.
  • A map package (.mpkx) contains a map document (.mapx) and all the data referenced by the layers in it. Essentially, it's a collection of layer packages along with the map document.
  • A layer package (.lpkx) includes both the layer properties and the dataset referenced by the layer. With a layer package, you can save and share everything about the layer—its symbolization, labeling, table properties, and the data.
  • A tile package (.tpk) contains a set of tiles (images) from a map or raster dataset that can be published as a web tile or web elevation layer. Alternatively, the tile package itself can be used as a basemap in ArcGIS applications.
  • A vector tile package (.vtpk) contains a collection of vector tiles and style resources that contain vector representations of data across a range of scales.
  • A scene layer package (.slpk) contains a cache of a multipatch, point, or point cloud dataset.
  • A geoprocessing package (.gpkx) contains both the data and the tools that comprise a geoprocessing workflow. System tools along with custom models and scripts can be packaged.
  • A mobile map package (.mmpk) contains both maps and basemaps and all the data referenced by the layers. Mobile map packages can be used in ArcGIS Pro, Navigator for ArcGIS, and by developers building applications with ArcGIS Runtime. For ArcGIS Runtime, .mmpk files were introduced at version 100.0.0.


Project, map, layer, and geoprocessing packages created with ArcGIS Pro can only be used in ArcGIS Pro.

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