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Workflows in ArcGIS Pro

With ArcGIS Pro, you can coordinate and manage workflows to complete your work efficiently. ArcGIS Workflow Manager and Tasks are ArcGIS Pro tools designed specifically to help you manage workflows.

The following table summarizes the differences and similarities of the two tools:

ArcGIS Workflow ManagerTasks

Licensing and software requirements

ArcGIS Desktop license, ArcGIS Pro installation, ArcGIS Workflow Manager extension license, ArcGIS Workflow Manager installation, Enterprise versioned geodatabase

ArcGIS Desktop license, ArcGIS Pro installation

Unit of work



Number of users involved in completing a single unit of work

Multiple users and roles

Single user

Number of applications opened in a single unit of work

Can open multiple applications, including ArcGIS Pro

Work is completed within ArcGIS Pro

Typical duration of a single unit of work

A few days to weeks

A few minutes to a few hours


A step in ArcGIS Workflow Manager can include a task in ArcGIS Pro

Tasks can include any command, geoprocessing tool, or add-in in ArcGIS Pro

Common to both

Promoting best practice, standardization, improving efficiency and quality, guiding users through a workflow

With ArcGIS Workflow Manager, a piece of work passes from initiation to completion through a series of steps that can be completed by multiple users who may have different organizational roles. With tasks, you can create a set of preconfigured steps to guide a single user through a repeatable GIS process using ArcGIS Pro functionality.

ArcGIS Workflow Manager uses jobs to manage and coordinate a workforce. The job usually involves multiple users and takes a few days to complete. Tasks use an ArcGIS Pro task that is designed for a repeatable GIS process that uses functionality such as geoprocessing tools and editing. The task usually takes a few minutes to a few hours for a single user to complete.

ArcGIS Workflow Manager is an enterprise workflow system that supports both GIS and non-GIS business processes. Although you can use tasks within ArcGIS Workflow Manager, a task is a separate tool that does not require an extension, enterprise geodatabase, or additional licensing to use.

Tasks and ArcGIS Workflow Manager can be used together or separately for quality assurance and to speed up repeatable processes.


A city might require coordination of multiple teams to manage address data. The city could use ArcGIS Workflow Manager to coordinate the responsibilities of these teams into jobs such as locate facilities, add facility addresses, verify mailing addresses, and so on. Tasks could be used within this scenario to complete one of these jobs through task steps. Steps to locate facilities, for example, might include locating the work area, creating a facility polygon, and adding attributes to that feature.

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