Field group properties


The Describe function returns the properties described below for datasets that have field groups added to them.

Field groups can be added to a geodatabase feature class or table. The dataType returned is the dataType of the feature class or table.

Field groups are required when adding contingent values to a dataset.


PropertyExplanationData Type
(Read Only)

A list of the field names that participate in the field group.

(Read Only)

Indicates whether the field group has a restrictive editing experience.

  • True—The field group is restrictive.
  • False—The field group is not restrictive.

(Read Only)

The name of the field group.


Code sample

Field group properties example

The following stand-alone Python script prints a report of the field group properties for a feature class.

# Import the required modules
import arcpy

# Path to the input feature class or table
fc = "C:\\MyProject\\MyDatabase.sde\\myGDB.USER1.MapleTrees"

# Print a report of the field group properties
field_groups = arcpy.Describe(fc).fieldGroups
for fg in field_groups:
    print(f"Field Group Name: {}")
    print(f"Fields: {fg.fieldNames}")
    print(f"Restrictive: {fg.isEditingRestrictive}")