Share a territory solution

ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro allows you to create, balance, and maintain territories through territory solutions. A territory solution is a group layer that contains a base (or alignment) layer and a territory layer as its foundation. To learn more, see Create a territory solution.

You can share a territory solution as a web layer. A shared territory solution supports all functionality except adding a feature class. Sharing the territory solution uses the Territory Design ribbon to access the workflows.

Share a territory solution as a web layer

You can share your territory solution as a web layer to ArcGIS Online or to ArcGIS Enterprise. The feature layer contains all the layers in the territory solution.

When a territory solution is a web layer, you can modify constraints for distances and attributes, set automatic balancing options, and re-solve the solution. You can also manually edit territories on the map; however, adding barriers, adding a level, and creating feature classes are not supported.

To share a territory solution as a web feature layer, complete the following steps:

  1. In the Contents pane, click the territory design group layer.

    The Territory Design ribbon appears.

  2. Click the Territory Design tab on the ribbon, and click the Web Layer button.

    The Share As Web Layer pane appears.


    You can also share a territory solution using the Share ribbon tab or by right-clicking the group layer and choosing Share As Web Layer, although this is not recommended. Those are general purpose workflows, and the resultant web layer will not have Territory Design functionality enabled. The recommended way of sharing a territory solution is using the Web Layer button in the Share group on the Territory Design ribbon tab.

  3. Use the Name field to set the name of the territory solution to be shared.
  4. Complete the Summary and Tags options.
  5. Select the folder location where you want to store the web layer.

    By default, it is stored in the Territory Design folder.

  6. Specify how you want to share the web layer.
    • Everyone—This option makes your content public. Anyone can access and see it.
    • My Organization—This option allows your content to be shared with all authenticated users in the organization.
    • Groups—You can share your content with groups to which you belong and their members.
  7. Click the Configuration tab to modify the web layer's settings.

    There are two options:

    • By default, editing is enabled.
    • Optionally, click Update features only to limit how other users can modify the web layer.
  8. Click the Content tab to view the new layer and all associated components.
  9. Click Analyze to check for errors or issues.

    You must resolve all errors. If any issues are discovered, they appear on the Messages tab.

  10. Once the web layer is validated, click Publish to share it.
  11. Optionally, once the web layer has been successfully published, use ArcGIS Pro to view and edit the territory solution web layer:
    1. Open the Catalog pane.
    2. Click the Portal tab.
    3. Browse to the folder you shared your web layer to.

      By default, web layers are shared to the Territory Design folder.

    4. Find your web layer and right-click it, and select Add To Current Map.