Analyze custom geoprocessing tools for ArcGIS Pro

Some custom model and script tools will not work in ArcGIS Pro, or may require an update. This may be due to changes to geoprocessing tools (some tools, options, and data formats are no longer supported) or the Python version change from 2.x to 3.x. A new geoprocessing tool and option can be used to analyze custom tools and toolboxes to find unsupported tools and options so you can update the tool to make it work in ArcGIS Pro.

Analyze Tools For Pro

Use the Analyze Tools For Pro tool to analyze a toolbox or Python script file to determine if it is supported and steps to update. When you analyze a toolbox, all tools within the toolbox are checked for support.

Geoprocessing option

In addition to the tool, there is a geoprocessing option, Analyze tools for ArcGIS Pro, that, when enabled, will automatically analyze any custom tool that is run and ensure there are no errors or use of unsupported tools or functions. If the custom model or script tool contains a reference to a data format or tool that is no longer supported, an error message will be raised.

Python 2to3

The tool and option utilitize the Python 2to3 utility, which offers line-by-line feedback for updates that must be made.