Support for enterprise databases and cloud data warehouses

In ArcGIS Pro, charts can be optimized using server-side processing for data from an enterprise database or cloud data warehouse. This capability is faster than client-side processing when running the calculations and aggregations that are used to build a chart. When you create a bar chart, line chart, scatter plot, or histogram using a data source from one of the supported databases, the Chart Properties pane will display a banner message with a Use server-side processing toggle button to turn server-side processing on or off. Server-side processing is disabled by default. The following databases are supported:

  • SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • BigQuery
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Snowflake
  • Oracle

Supported chart types

The following chart types can be optimized to use server-side processing for the supported enterprise databases and cloud data warehouses:

  • Bar chart


    Bar charts must be aggregated to use server-side processing.

  • Line chart


    Line charts will not use server-side processing if a numeric field is used.

  • Scatter plot

    Only scatter plots that display more than 10,000 points will use server-side processing.

  • Histogram


Charts that have been configured to use server-side processing have the following limitations:

  • The Selection and Filter by Selection options are not available.
  • Color matching is not supported.
  • The skewness and kurtosis statistics are not calculated for histograms.