Intermediate data

When a model is run, output data is created for each process in the model (unless the process only modifies or passes the input directly). Some outputs created by the intermediate tools are only needed for generating the final output and have no use after the model has completed. For effective data management, you can set these intermediate outputs to Intermediate Data and delete them.

By default, intermediate outputs in a model are considered intermediate data. To preserve intermediate data, right-click an output variable and uncheck the Intermediate Data option.

Intermediate data is processed differently based on how the model is run.

  • When a model is run from the Geoprocessing pane, the outputs marked as Intermediate Data are deleted automatically.
  • When a model is run within ModelBuilder, the outputs marked as Intermediate Data are deleted by clicking the Intermediate button on the ModelBuilder ribbon.

Outputs cannot be set as intermediate data in the following cases: