Pixel Editor Operations pane

Available with Image Analyst license.

The Pixel Editor Operations pane is comprised of two tabs: Operations and Edits Log. The Operations tab shows you the operations and filters that are valid for your data type. The Edits Log shows you the list of edits that you have made to your raster.

Operations tab

The Operations tab is accessed by starting any operation from the Operations gallery. The Operations drop-down list, the Restore Defaults tool, and the Apply tool are available for every operation. Some operations have additional parameters that can be specified before you apply the operation.

The Operations drop-down list shows all the valid operations that you can perform on the selected region. Each operation and filter can have different parameters depending on the raster data type, but there are a few parameters that commonly appear in many operations:

  • Exclude Region Intersections—Check this check box to exclude any intersecting regions from the operation.
  • Filter Size—Set the size of your filter window when performing the operation. A filter size of 8 means you are using an 8 by 8 pixel filter window. Larger values result in more smoothing.

The Restore Defaults button resets the system defaults for the current operation.

The Apply button performs the operation on the selected region.

Edits Log tab

The Edits Log tab displays a list all the pending edits that have been performed on the raster layer. The list is ordered from the most recent edit to the oldest edit performed. The Edits Log is a read-only list, and you cannot alter the edits from this list. To revert any edit to its previous state, you must undo the action either by using Ctrl+Z, or the Undo button Undo. Since each subsequent edit may rely on a previous edit, each edit must be reverted from the most recent edit to the oldest edit.

The Edits Log is a useful tool to perform quality assurance on the edits. It shows each edit made and allows you to zoom to each of the edits. To see more details about each edit, hover over the edit in the Edits Log. To zoom to an edit, either click the magnifying glass or double-click any of the edits in the list. Make sure that each edit is correct before you commit the edits to the raster dataset.

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