Attribute Table function


This function allows you to specify an attribute table that is used to symbolize a single-band mosaic dataset or raster dataset. Use this function to present imagery that has undergone classification into categories, such as land cover, land use, risk factors, or temperature ranges.


  • This function supports only 8-bit raster inputs.
  • You can assign an existing attribute table with your color scheme, or you can create a new color attribute table.
  • If your table contains fields named Red, Green, and Blue, values within those fields will be used like a color map when rendering the image.
  • The attribute table is referenced when using this function even when it is not stored in the dataset, such as with raster datasets that contain internal attribute tables.
  • When the dataset is displayed, it can be symbolized based on the table values. When a pixel is queried, the table values will be returned.




The input raster.

Table Type

The input attribute table can be entered using the Manual option, where you assign a class name and a color to each value, or you can reference an existing table that comes from one of the following:

  • A .dbf file
  • A raster dataset that has an attribute table
  • A table that is used in the Attribute Table function of another mosaic dataset

Add an attribute table manually

To manually add an attribute table, complete the following steps:

  1. Choose the Manual table type option.

    Attribute Table function

  2. Click the Generate button.
  3. Click the Minimum Value and Maximum Value drop-down menus and set the values. The current range of values to choose from is between -127 and 127. You can specify a base name for the classes associated with each unique value, your color scheme, and the transparency. When you're finished, click OK.
  4. If you need to further refine colors, click the item in the color column and choose a color.

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