Grayscale function


Converts a multiband image into a single-band grayscale image. Specified weights are applied to each of the input bands, and normalization is applied to the output image as shown in the following example:

  • Specify weights:

    Output_temp = Band1*Weight1+Band2*Weight2+Band3*Weight3+...

  • Apply normalization:

    Output = Output_temp/(Sum of all Weights)

The weights are often applied because some bands have variable importance depending on the application. For example, the blue band often contains more noise than other bands.


The input for this process can be any number of bands, bit depths, or pixel types. The output is one band with the same bit depth and pixel type as the input.

This function can be used with mosaic datasets.




The input raster.

Conversion Parameters

The weights for each of the bands comprising the input raster.

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