Key Metadata function


This function allows you to insert or override key metadata of a raster.

Key metadata is extracted from the raster's metadata and is generally associated with the products or data types below.

  • A raster product
  • A mosaic dataset created using a product description
  • Each raster within a mosaic dataset, added using specific raster types
This information is used to assist the application with some processing and rendering, including providing some useful information, such as the sensor name, band names, or cloud cover associated with the imagery.


When modifying or inserting key metadata values, you can use one of the following methods:

  • Enter the Property Name along with the associated Value.
  • Enter a JSON string containing all of the new property names and values as the Metadata JSON parameter.


Parameter nameDescription

The raster or mosaic dataset containing key metadata that you want to insert or overwrite.

Property Name

The name of the dataset-level key property to override.


The overriding value of the dataset-level key property that you want to set.

Band Names

This is used to override the band names of a raster. It is a comma-separated string representing updated band names.

This parameter is optional.

Metadata JSON

Key metadata to be added to the outgoing raster described as a JSON string representing a collection of key-value pairs. The following is an example of a JSON string that can be used as an input to this function. All inputs for this parameter should follow the same format.

JSON string representing key metadata

     "CloudCover": 4,
               "BandName": "Blue",
               "WavelengthMin": 445,
               "WavelengthMax": 516
              "BandName": "Green",
              "WavelengthMin": 506,
              "WavelengthMax": 595


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