Recast function


The Recast function is used to dynamically modify the function parameter used in a mosaic dataset or image service without physically persisting the changes.


The Recast function contains a list of variable names and the corresponding values that you can change. For example, a mosaic dataset may contain pan-sharpened rasters that are added using a pan-sharpen template. To display a mosaic or image service published from the mosaic with different pan-sharpen weights without modifying the mosaic dataset, you can define a Recast function with the following name and values:



0.37 0.23 0.4

Once you set the values, save it as a template. You can then access the mosaic dataset with the template by adding the template as a mosaic dataset property.

The names of these keywords can be found on the Variables tab of the function's Properties window. The following steps describe how to locate the names of your keywords:

  1. In the Raster Functions pane, right-click the function chain on which you want to use Recast, and select Edit.
  2. Double-click the part of the function chain where you want to apply Recast and go to the Variables tab. The names that you can use in the Recast function are listed here.


Parameter nameDescription


The raster product to which the Recast function will be applied.


A table of variable names and user-defined values used to modify a mosaic dataset.

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