Enable the Spatial Analyst extension

Available with Spatial Analyst license.

To use Spatial Analyst, the extension must be properly enabled in your user account.

Extension licensing

Once the software is installed, you must enable the extension before you can work with it. ArcGIS Pro requires that an administrator of an organization assign software licenses and extensions. Once you have been assigned the ArcGIS Spatial Analyst extension, you gain access to the tools.

The extension must be listed as Licensed.

Licensing dialog box

See the following resources for information about installing, licensing, and enabling extension products such as Spatial Analyst.

Authorize the extension

The procedures for authorizing and managing extension licenses are the same as for the ArcGIS Pro core application. The steps depend on your ArcGIS Pro license type.

Problems accessing the extension

If the extension is not available, either review the appropriate section of the Administrator Library, or contact your system administrator.

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