Locate tab in Suitability Modeler

Available with Spatial Analyst license.

In the Suitability Modeler, use the Locate tab to identify the best locations to site something or to preserve an area. From the final suitability map created on the Suitability tab, the locations that meet the subject's spatial requirements are determined. You can specify total area, number of regions, minimum and maximum size, and distances between the regions.

Before the suitability layer can be used as input to the Locate tab, the suitability model must be run at full resolution. To do this, click Run on the Suitability tab.

You can run the locate step in ArcGIS Pro locally or as a client to servers. Use the Output type parameter to specify how it is run and where the output goes. When run locally, the Locate Regions geoprocessing tool is used. When run on servers, the Locate Regions service tool is used on the server.


To run the locate step on servers, the input suitability map must be a web imagery layer.

See the Locate Regions geoprocessing tool help topic for a description of each of the parameters on the Locate tab. To learn more about the locate algorithm, see How the Locate Regions tool works.

Identifying the optimum locations from the final suitability map is computationally intensive and can take some time.

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