Suitability Modeler ribbon

Available with Spatial Analyst license.

The Suitability Modeler ribbon appears when you click the Suitability Modeler button Suitability Modeler on the Analysis tab in ArcGIS Pro or when you open an existing suitability model.

Suitability Modeler ribbon

Command buttons are organized into the following groups on the ribbon:

  • Navigate—Use these buttons to navigate and explore the model layers in the map.
  • Suitability Model—Use these buttons to control the overall modeling environment. There are buttons for creating new models, opening existing models, and saving models.
  • Suitability Analysis—Use these buttons to create the final suitability map. There are buttons for adding criteria, running the model, controlling when the model is updated, and setting the analysis environments.
  • Views—Use these buttons to access the Suitability and Transformation panes, as well as define the number of map views.
  • Evaluate Model—Use these buttons to control the Evaluate environment. There are buttons to open and close the maps and Evaluate Pane and swipe the resulting statistic over the background layer.
  • Web—Use this button to share the model as a Suitability Model portal item on servers.
  • Report—Use this button to generate a report of the current model.
  • Close Model—Use this button to close the model.

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