CAD data options

You can customize the default options for working with CAD data in ArcGIS Pro. On the Options dialog box, on the CAD tab, you can set the options described below.

Options dialog box with the option to convert CAD data

You can convert a portion of or the entire CAD drawing to a geodatabase. The On adding new layer to map, convert CAD feature class to project geodatabase option controls whether CAD data added to your map is automatically converted to feature classes in your project geodatabase. This option is not enabled by default.

Data represented by a CAD dataset is typically contained in a single source file. This includes geometry as well as nongraphic information, such as feature attributes and graphic properties that define symbology. CAD layers do not follow the GIS simple features model. When working with CAD data, you can combine geometry types and other data in a single layer. You can also use line type and color to further classify the data. As a result, the data's context, along with textual information, may be necessary to identify geometry as a particular feature in a GIS.

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