Database and data warehouse clients

Database client software allows you to communicate between a client application and the relational database management system or data warehouse.

Install a database client on all ArcGIS client machines when connecting to the following:

Relational database or data warehouseDatabase client

Amazon Redshift

Amazon Redshift ODBC driver

Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) for Oracle

Oracle Database Client

Amazon RDS for SQL Server

Microsoft ODBC driver for SQL Server


Dameng DM

Google BigQuery

Magnitude Simba ODBC driver

Google Cloud SQL for SQL Server

Microsoft ODBC driver for SQL Server


IBM Data Server Runtime Client for Db2

Microsoft Azure SQL Database

Microsoft ODBC driver for SQL Server

Microsoft Azure SQL Managed Instance

Microsoft ODBC driver for SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft ODBC driver for SQL Server


Oracle Database Client

Supported workload types of Oracle Autonomous Database

Oracle Database Client

Oracle Base Database Service

Oracle Database Client


SAP HANA client


SAP HANA client


Snowflake ODBC driver

Teradata Vantage

Teradata ODBC driver and associated files (GSS client and ICU library)

Obtain the database client from the database or data warehouse vendor and follow their client installation instructions to set up the client on your computer. IBM Data Server Runtime Client for Db2, the Windows version of the Microsoft ODBC driver for SQL Server, and the Oracle Instant Client are also available on My Esri.

For information on supported database client versions for the ArcGIS release you're using, see the ArcGIS system requirements for the database to which you need to connect. You can access system requirements pages from Supported databases and data warehouses.

Note the following in regard to database clients and ArcGIS:

  • No database client is required to connect to SQLite or a GeoPackage.
  • ArcGIS clients include the files you need to connect to PostgreSQL, so you don't need to install a PostgreSQL client.
  • To connect from 64-bit ArcGIS clients (such as ArcGIS Server or ArcGIS Pro), you must install 64-bit database clients.
  • ArcGIS Insights uses JDBC connections and requires a JDBC client, not the clients listed above. See Required vendor files in the ArcGIS Insights help for more information.