Manage file geodatabase data licenses

You can create a licensed file geodatabase and associated license to control the amount of time that data in the geodatabase can be accessed. You can also block people from exporting vector data (feature classes) from a licensed file geodatabase. Anyone who uses this licensed data must register the license file.

In ArcGIS Pro, the Manage Data Licenses dialog box in the Licensing section on the Project tab provides tools that allow you to register and manage file geodatabase data licenses. Click the Manage your data licensing button to open the Manage Data Licenses dialog box. The dialog box presents a list of licenses with associated information and tools that allow you to manage file geodatabase data licenses.

License list

The list that displays on the Manage Data Licenses dialog box includes information about the file geodatabase licenses you added to this installation of ArcGIS Pro.

Manage Data Licenses dialog box

  • License Name—This is the name of the licensed file geodatabase that contains data you will access from ArcGIS Pro.
  • Provider—This value reflects how the license was created. This value cannot be altered. If the value is unknown, N/A is displayed.
  • Created—This is the date that the license definition file was created. If you have multiple licenses with the same name, use this date to tell them apart.
  • Expiration Date—The date that the data license expires. You can no longer access the data in the licensed file geodatabase the day after this expiration date. If the person who created the license did not set an expiration date, the words Doesn't Expire are displayed.

Add a license

To add a license, click Add. A dialog box appears where you can browse to your license file (.sdlic). Click Open on the browse dialog box to add the license to the list and register it. Until you add the license, you cannot access the data in the licensed file geodatabase from ArcGIS Pro.

Remove a license

If a data license expires, you can remove it from your ArcGIS Pro installation. To remove a license, select a license from the list and click Remove. Click Yes to remove the license. This removes the license from the list and unregisters it from ArcGIS Pro on this machine.

Export a list of licensed file geodatabases

To export a comma-delimited list of the file geodatabases for which you have registered licenses, click Export. A browse dialog box appears. Browse to where you want to create the file, type a name, and click Save.

Retrieve license information

Double-click a file geodatabase in the list to see what data in the file geodatabase is licensed. A pop-up appears that includes additional information, including the names of the datasets in the geodatabase that are restricted by a license. This is useful because the license may not apply to all the datasets in the licensed file geodatabase. You can add data to a licensed file geodatabase, but the license does not apply to any dataset added after the license is generated.