Geodatabases in SAP HANA

Enterprise geodatabases are collections of tables, views, and stored procedures inside a database management system. SAP HANA database management systems can be enabled to store a geodatabase. You can enable a geodatabase in an SAP HANA database and continue to store database data alongside geodatabase data. You can view and publish both types of data in ArcGIS Pro.

How to create a geodatabase in SAP HANA

Because geodatabases are a collection of objects inside a database, you (or someone in your organization) needs to be an SAP HANA database administrator and must configure the database and a database user named sde using tools provided by SAP HANA.

After the database administrator creates the database and sde user for the geodatabase, the geodatabase administrator uses the Enable Enterprise Geodatabase tool in ArcGIS Pro to create a geodatabase.

Available functionality

The following functionality is available for geodatabases in SAP HANA:

  • Tables, feature classes, and feature datasets
  • The ability to register tables, feature classes, and database views with the geodatabase
  • Relationship classes
  • Subtypes and domains
  • Attachments
  • Editor tracking
  • Nonversioned archiving
  • Branch versioning for long transaction editing through web feature layers (feature services)
  • Utility networks
  • Trace networks
  • Mosaic datasets and raster datasets
  • Multipatch data
  • Network datasets (read only)
  • The ability to publish web layers
  • Topologies (requires branch versioned data published in a web feature layer)
  • Offline editing of web feature layers

Functionality not currently available

The following functionality is not available in geodatabases in SAP HANA:

  • Editable network datasets
  • Parcel fabrics

How to manage a geodatabase in SAP HANA

The SAP HANA database administrator maintains the database using tools provided by SAP HANA.

The database administrator can use tools in SAP HANA to create database users and grant them the required privileges. To create standard users, the database administrator can use the Create Database User tool in ArcGIS Pro.


Differences exist in how data is stored and accessed in the database management systems supported by ArcGIS, which affect how you interact with the database and geodatabase objects in it. For this reason, topics on geodatabase management are grouped into sections based on database management system. This section provides information on managing a geodatabase in SAP HANA. If you access a topic through a search, be sure you are reading the topic that applies to the correct database management system.

Considerations when using a geodatabase in SAP HANA

Keep in mind the following when using a geodatabase in SAP HANA:

  • You can share data from ArcGIS Pro to federated and stand-alone ArcGIS Server sites. If the data is registered for branch versioning, you can only share the data to federated ArcGIS Server sites.
  • You can edit nonversioned geodatabase data in ArcGIS Pro when accessed through the database connection. To use versioned editing workflows with data in a geodatabase in SAP HANA, you must use branch versioning and share the data as a web feature layer with version management enabled.
  • Enterprise geodatabases can contain a mixture of datasets that are registered with the geodatabase and database tables that are not registered with the geodatabase. Unregistered database tables are accessed as read-only datasets in ArcGIS Pro when using a database connection. These tables can be published to an editable feature service and consumed as web feature layers to perform edits.
  • If the database contains geodatabase system tables, it is considered a geodatabase in ArcGIS. Therefore, even if you access tables that are not registered with the geodatabase, ArcGIS client and geodatabase release compatibility rules still apply.