Create a mosaic dataset using a Multiband Composite template

Complete the following steps to create a mosaic dataset using the Multiband Composite template.

  1. Create a mosaic dataset using the Create Mosaic Dataset geoprocessing tool.
  2. Add data using the Add Rasters To Mosaic Dataset geoprocessing tool.
    1. Choose one of the multidimensional raster types: GRIB, HDF, or NetCDF.

      The selection sets the options available for Processing Templates parameter.

    2. Choose the Multiband Composite option in the Processing Templates parameter.

      When selected, the Raster Type entry updates to the mosaic dataset.

    3. Specify the input file or workspace containing the files.

      If your input is only one or two files, choose the File or Dataset option rather than the Folder option, as it is faster.

    4. Click the Properties button, which opens the Raster Type Properties dialog box.

      Raster Type Properties button

    5. On the Variables tab, click the Import variables from sample files button and browse to your multidimensional files. Select one or more multidimensional files and choose Open, which displays a table of variables contained in your multidimensional data.

      Raster Type Properties dialog box with list of variables selected

    6. Select the variables to include in the multiband composite mosaic dataset, and click OK to close the Raster Type Properties dialog box.
    7. Click Run to run the tool.

      The mosaic dataset is automatically loaded into the Contents pane and loaded into the display.

  3. View Band Metadata in the Raster Item Explorer pane.
    1. Highlight the mosaic name in the Contents pane, click the Mosaic Layer tab set, click the Data tab, and click Explore Raster Items in the Selection group.

      The Raster Item Explorer pane appears.

      Information about the item is displayed.

    2. Expand the Band Metadata category to view the item's band information in the multiband composite mosaic dataset.

      Band Metadata on the Raster Item Explorer dialog box

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