Tools group on the Imagery tab

The Tools group on the Imagery tab contains two galleries: the Process gallery and the Indices gallery.

Each gallery is independent of the other; however, using a combination of functions in each gallery, you can perform efficient image analysis tasks. For example, you can create two vegetation indices and then find the difference between them to check for change. When you include the functionality of the Functions pane with these galleries, you have effective and accessible functions to complete any raster workflow. All outputs are ArcGIS function raster layers (AFR).

Additionally, the Tools group contains the Pixel Editor pane and the Image Information pane. The Pixel Editor pane includes tools to interactively manipulate and correct pixel values for raster and imagery data. The Image Information pane provides access to, and visualization of, pixel-level information in imagery. This pane is a dynamic single point of access to location data, spectral information, and a subset of image support data as you move the pointer across an image.

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