Visualize a multidimensional raster layer

The steps to visualize a multidimensional raster layer are described below.

For information about configuring a multidimensional raster layer, see Work with multidimensional raster layers.

Visualizing the multidimensional raster layer is similar to displaying a multidimensional mosaic dataset. Use the Multidimensional tab to display the slices you want to see.

  1. Add the multidimensional raster layer to the map view in ArcGIS Pro.
  2. In the Contents pane, select the multidimensional raster layer and click the contextual Multidimensional tab.
  3. In the Multidimensional Extent group, choose the variable you want to display. Then set the Start and End values for StdTime or, if your multidimensional raster has another dimension, set StdZ values to limit the depth or height values you want to visualize. Optionally, click the Area of Interest drop-down list Clip and choose a feature layer to use to clip the display to a specific feature extent.
    Multidimensional Extent group
  4. If you selected multiple variables in the Multidimensional Extent group, choose the variable you want to see in the Current Display Slice. Select the specific time, height or depth, if applicable.
    Current Display Slice group

    The resulting slice is displayed in the map view.

  5. Optionally, click the Play Slices Along button Play all steps next to the StdTime or StdZ values to display the slices over time or another dimension. Click the Play Time Direction button Forward Direction to change the direction of the autoplay to backward or forward.