Find routes

Routes contain valuable measurement information. Finding a route allows you to provide a measure value without having to know the exact coordinates of the route.

Find route records

To access the Find Routes pane, the active map must contain an m-aware linear feature.

  1. On the contextual Linear Referencing tab, in the Navigate group, click the Find Routes button to open the Find Routes pane.
  2. Click the Route Reference drop-down arrow and select a layer.
  3. Click the Route Identifier drop-down arrow and select a field.
  4. Click the Route drop-down arrow and select a value.
  5. Optionally, set the type as Point or Line.
    • For Point, select Point and provide a Location value.
    • For Line, select Line and provide a From value and a To value.
  6. Click Find Routes.


    The Find Routes pane currently supports simple features.

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