Find routes

Routes contain valuable measurement information. Finding a route allows you to provide a measure value without having to know the exact coordinates of the route.

Find route records

To access the Find Routes pane, the active map must contain an m-aware linear feature.

  1. Do one of the following to open the Find Routes pane:
    • On the ribbon, click the Map tab and click the bottom half of the Locate button in the Navigate group. From the drop-down menu, click Find Routes.
    • On the Linear Referencing contextual tab set, click the contextual Data tab and click the Find Routes button.
  2. Click the Route Reference drop-down arrow and select a layer.
  3. Click the Route Identifier drop-down arrow and select a field.
  4. Click the Route drop-down arrow and select a value.
  5. Optionally, set the type as Point or Line.
    • For Point, select Point and provide a Location value.
    • For Line, select Line and provide a From value and a To value.
  6. Click Find Routes.


    The Find Routes pane currently supports simple features.

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