Create or add parcel lines

Parcels can be constructed and built from lines. Lines are created in or added to the lines feature class of the parcel type you are working with.

The parcel type line feature class is a COGO-enabled lines feature class and stores COGO dimensions in COGO fields such as Direction and Distance. Parcel lines must be associated with parcel records for parcels to be built.

Parcel lines can be created in or added to a parcel type in the following ways:

  • Create lines using editing tools such as the Traverse tool.
  • Add lines by appending lines from simple feature classes.
  • Copy lines from existing lines in the parcel fabric, CAD files, or other feature classes.

Create lines using editing tools

Parcel lines can be created using the Traverse tool Traverse or the 2 Point Line tool 2-Point Line. Both of these tools populate COGO attributes on COGO-enabled lines with the entered COGO dimensions.

While parcel lines can be created with any polyline tool, only the Traverse and 2 Point Line tools store entered COGO dimensions in COGO attribute fields on the parcel lines feature class.

When creating lines, make sure an active record is set for the map. Newly created lines will be associated with the active record in the map. Lines must be associated with a parcel record before parcels can be built from them.

The active record is the legal parcel record that defines the parcel lines. If the record does not exist, create one.

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Use dynamic constraints

When creating lines using the 2 Point Line tool, dynamic constraints can be used to constrain the direction and distance of new digitized line segments to specific COGO values. To turn dynamic constraints on or off, click Dynamic Constraints Constraints on the status bar at the bottom of the active map.

When sketching or digitizing a line feature, turn on dynamic constraints to see the dimensions of the line display in a feedback format as you move the pointer around the map. To constrain a dimension, click the map to start digitizing the line and press the Tab key to get editing focus on a displayed dimension. Once the dimension has focus, modify its value and press Enter to constrain the line to the entered dimension.

Dynamic constraints
Press the Tab key to get editing focus of a displayed dimension.

Constrained dimensions are stored in the COGO fields of the parcel line feature class.

Copy lines from existing lines

Lines can be copied from an existing line source and added to a parcel type and an active parcel record. Use the Copy Lines To tool Copy Lines To on the Parcel Record Workflows tab to copy existing lines to a chosen parcel type and an active record.

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Create seeds and build parcels

Once you have created closed loops of lines, create parcel seeds and build parcels.