Merge parcel points

Use the Merge Points tool Merge Parcel Points in the Tools gallery on the Quality tab to merge two or more selected parcel fabric points.

When merging points, you can choose the merged point location and choose which points' attributes to preserve. In the Merge Parcel Points pane, choose which point will be the merged location by clicking the option next to the point. Choose which point's attributes to preserve by selecting the point row.

For example, in the graphic below, the location of point 2 is the merged location, while the attributes of point 1 will be preserved.

Merge parcel points.

The tool can merge both stand-alone points and points that are connected to parcel lines and polygons.

Merging parcel points is a useful tool for improving data quality in the parcel fabric. Duplicate points can be merged into a single point, and connected dangling lines and sliver polygons created by duplicate points can be removed at the same time.

Merge selected parcel fabric points.

Selected points are merged to the preserved point in the blue circle. Dangling lines and sliver polygons are removed.

To merge parcel fabric points, follow these steps:

  1. Click Merge Points Merge Parcel Points in the Tools gallery on the Quality tab to open the Merge Parcel Points pane.
  2. To merge points and remove lines and polygons between the merged points, ensure that the Allow removal of lines and polygons between merged points option at the bottom of the pane is chosen.

    Choose Show Preview to see a preview of the topological connectivity between parcel lines, points, and polygons when the points are merged. Blue lines are drawn on the map to indicate the updated topological connectivity.

  3. Use the Select tool to select two or more parcel points.
  4. Under Points to merge, specify which point will be the merged point location by clicking the option next to the point.
  5. Specify which point's attributes will be preserved by selecting the point row. The word preserve in parentheses (preserve) will appear next to the point.

    You can also update the merged point attributes under Merge Point Attributes if necessary.

  6. Click Merge to merge the selected points.

    Historic points, lines, and polygons are not created for merged points. Merged points, dangling parcel lines, and sliver polygons are deleted.