Shrink to seeds and modify lines

Use the Shrink To Seeds tool Shrink To Seeds in the Tools gallery on the Quality tab to modify and update the lines of selected parcels.

The Shrink To Seeds tool is usually used with the Reconstruct From Seeds tool Reconstruct From Seeds tool in a quality-driven workflow to modify parcel lines and reconstruct parcels.

The Shrink To Seeds tool replaces selected parcel polygons with parcel seeds and leaves the original parcel lines in place for editing and modification. The attributes of the original polygons are copied to the parcel seeds. After lines are deleted, added, or modified, updated parcels can be reconstructed from the updated lines enclosing the seeds. The attributes of the seeds are transferred to the reconstructed parcels.

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Modify parcel lines in a workflow

To shrink to seeds and modify parcel lines, follow these steps:

  1. Select the parcels with lines to modify and click Shrink To Seeds Shrink To Seeds in the Tools gallery on the Quality tab.

    You can select and shrink multiple parcels to seeds including overlapping parcels from different parcel types.

  2. If you are deleting and creating lines, set the active record in the map so that new lines are associated to their record.
  3. Use editing tools to delete, create, or modify parcel lines.
    • For example, use the Merge Collinear Parcel Boundaries geoprocessing tool to modify parcel lines.
    • Use tools such as the Traverse tool Traverse and the Two-Point Line tool 2-Point Line to create lines.

    If there are multiple overlapping seeds, ensure that you delete, create, or modify lines for each overlapping parcel type. If overlapping seeds are for strata parcels, ensure that the value in the seed's FloorOrder field matches the values in the FloorOrder fields for the surrounding lines.

  4. After modifying or adding parcel lines, click Reconstruct From Seeds Reconstruct From Seeds in the Tools gallery on the Quality tab to reconstruct parcels from the seeds and updated lines.

    Parcels are reconstructed from all seeds enclosed by parcel lines in the map extent. The active record is not used. Parcels are reconstructed regardless of associations with records.

    You can also click Build Active Build Parcels In The Active Record in the Construct group on the Parcel Record Workflows tab to build only those parcels that are associated with the active record. Parcel lines enclosing the seeds must be associated with the active record.

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