Get started with ArcGIS StreetMap Premium Custom Roads

ArcGIS StreetMap Premium Custom Roads allows organizations to combine roads they manage with ArcGIS StreetMap Premium streets based on commercial data for a single, continuous, routable transportation network. StreetMap Premium Custom Roads is a separate product (in file geodatabase format). The StreetMap Premium Custom Roads file geodatabase is projected using the WGS84 Web Mercator (Auxiliary Sphere) coordinate system. Fast-drawing cartographic maps are also included in an ArcGIS Pro project (.aprx file), as well as StreetMap Premium locators for geocoding.


The StreetMap Premium Custom Roads dataset is provided in read-only format. After you copy the data to a local drive, ensure that the dataset (.gdb and .aprx) is set to a nonrestricted or non-read-only setting before you begin editing.

The product offers a vector tile package file (.vtpk) that is the same as the Esri Navigation map on ArcGIS Online that includes the commercial data, plus other GIS community user contributions. The Navigation with Custom Streets (vtpk) map is the default map in ArcGIS Pro for creating your own mobile map packages.

In addition, the ArcGIS StreetMap Premium locators are included. To use the locators and the network dataset, the ArcGIS StreetMap Premium extension for your region is required for ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Enterprise. For details about the contents shipped with the StreetMap Premium Custom Roads product, see the Reference section at the end of the following document:

ArcGIS StreetMap Premium Custom RoadsArcGIS Pro (PDF)

For organizations interested in creating a local or regional public transit network with the StreetMap Premium Custom Roads dataset, see the Create and use a network dataset with public transit data Network Analyst tutorial and refer to the specific notes about using the Custom Roads data. The tutorial will help you create a new and separate transit network dataset combining publicly available General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) data and feature classes from the StreetMap Premium Custom Roads dataset. The new transit network does not replace or cannot be combined with the existing StreetMap Premium Custom Roads network dataset to create a multimodal network dataset due to the different schemas of the network datasets.