Interactive TIN Editor in ArcGIS Pro

Available with 3D Analyst license.

The TIN Editor toolset contains a suite of tools to interactively manipulate a TIN in a map view. You can use tools in the TIN Editor toolset to perform editing tasks on your TIN datasets interactively, including the following:

These tools provide real-time surface feedback and allow you to save your edits directly to that TIN or create a copy of the edited TIN.


The TIN Editor is only available in a map view in ArcGIS Pro.

TIN Editor tab

To access the interactive TIN editing tools for the current map view, select the TIN layer that you want to edit in the Contents pane. Click the Data tab from the TIN Layer tab set, and click the TIN Editor button TIN Editor. The TIN Editor button gives you access to the available tools you can use to interactively edit a TIN surface.

The TIN Editor only edits one TIN at a time. It stays focused on the TIN layer that was used to enable it. To edit another TIN layer, you must close the TIN Editor by clicking the Close TIN Editor button Close. Then you can select another TIN layer in the Contents pane that you want to work with and reopen the TIN Editor.

The Create group contains two tools:

  • Add Node Add Node allows you to add individual nodes to an editable TIN.
  • Add Breakline Add Breakline allows you to add breaklines to an editable TIN.

The Delete group contains one tool: Delete Node Delete Node. This tool allows you to select nodes and delete them from the TIN surface.

The Modify group contains five tools:

  • The Connect Nodes tool Connect Nodes interactively connects two nodes with a breakline. The breakline will obtain its start and end heights from the TIN nodes.
  • The Swap Edge tool Swap Edge interactively connects two opposing nodes to form an alternate pair of triangles. Click the triangle edge to change its direction.
  • The Modify Data Area tool Modify Data Area turns TIN triangles on and off. This tool helps define the data region of the TIN.
  • The Change Node Z tool Change Node Z changes the height of a TIN node.
  • The Set to Constrained button Set to Constraint can be used to set a TIN to a constrained Delaunay triangulation method for the TIN.

The Manage Edits group contains three tools to manage the edits that are being performed on the TIN:

  • The Discard tool Discard Edits discards all unsaved edits.
  • The Save tool Save Edits saves the edits to the current TIN being edited. Once the TIN is saved, all edits are permanent and cannot be undone.
  • The Save As New TIN tool Save As saves a new TIN with the current edits applied to it.
The Close group contains the Close TIN Editor button Close, which closes the TIN Editor.

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