Modify TIN data area

Available with 3D Analyst license.

The Modify Data Area tool from the TIN Editor tools defines the TIN by designating which triangles participate inside or outside of the data area. Triangles that are inside represent the TIN's interpolation zone whereas triangles that are outside represent areas of no data. Select the Modify Data Area button Modify Data Area to open the Modify TIN Data Area dialog box.

From this dialog box, you can indicate whether you will select individual triangles by pointing at them or if you intend to select groups of triangles that are inside a digitized polygon. For these selected triangles, you can then indicate whether to make them inside or outside or to switch their current state with a toggle button.

There are three Selection Methods options to interact with the triangles:

Selection methodDescription

Point within

Manually select the TIN triangle to modify.

Within polygon

Select the TIN triangles that are within or cross the digitized polygon.

Completely within polygon

Modify the TIN triangles that are completely within a digitized polygon only. Triangles that are not completely within the digitized polygon will not be considered in the analysis.

There are three Mask options to update the display of the triangles:

Mask options Description

Set outside

Set TIN triangles to be masked. If TIN triangles are masked, surface analysis and display treats this area as if it contains no data, even though the data remains.

Set inside

Set TIN triangles to be unmasked or show the elevation surface of the TIN.

Toggle current state

Changes the TIN triangles to either masked or unmasked depending on the current state.

To modify the data area of a TIN, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. In the Contents pane, select the TIN layer you want to edit.
  2. Click the Data tab from the TIN Layer tab set.
  3. Click the TIN Editor button TIN Editor from the Data ribbon.
  4. Click the Modify Data Area button Modify Data Area.

    The Modify TIN Data Area dialog box appears.

    Modify TIN Data Area
  5. Set the Selection Method and Mask properties for the TIN data area to be modified.
  6. Interactively select the triangles or the area of interest to modify.
  7. Click the Save button Save Edits to save the edits to the current TIN being edited or click the Discard button Discard Edits to discard all unsaved edits. To create a copy of the TIN with the current edits applied, click the Save As New TIN button Save As.

    Once the TIN has been saved, all edits become permanent and cannot be undone.

  8. Click the Close TIN Editor button Close to close the TIN Editor when edits are completed.

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