Tools for configuring a utility network

The configuration process of the utility network starts with the initial creation of the utility network and continues through tasks to setup the network classes and properties within the utility network. This process involves adding, assigning, and setting up many geodatabase components such as subtypes, domains, rules, network attributes, network categories, and so on. While some of the configuration can be done through the user interface tools in ArcGIS Pro, the process is heavily reliant upon geoprocessing tools for the ability to script and automate.

The process to configure a utility network uses a combination of geoprocessing tools from the following toolboxes and toolsets:

Reference the specific toolset topic to see an exhaustive list of tools.

The table below includes a subset of tools from the Data Management Tools toolbox that can be used to configure the utility network. Select the tool name in the table to learn more about the tool.

Data Management toolsDescription
Add Attribute Rule

Add an attribute rule to a dataset.

Add Coded Value to Domain

Populates a coded value attribute domain with the code and description pairs. The code and description pairs represent acceptable values for the field the domain is assigned to.

Add Field

Adds additional attribute fields to the feature classes in a domain network.

Add Subtype

Creates additional subtype values to represent different assets for a feature class. In utility network feature classes, the default field specified for subtypes to be created is the ASSETGROUP field.

Assign Default to Field

Creates a default value for a specified field when new rows are added to a class with the option to add subtypes to participate in the default value setting. An example of configuring default values for fields at the subtype level for the utility network; the ASSETGROUP is set for the subtype field when utility network feature classes are configured. Attribute domains for the ASSETTYPE field can be set as the default at the subtype level.

Assign Domain to Field

Assigns an attribute domain to a specified field with the option to assign to a field by subtype.

Create Domain

Establishes new attribute domains in the geodatabase where the utility network resides. Depending on the type of attribute domain created, this tool will be followed by the Add Coded Value to Domain or Set Value For Range Domain tool.

Register as Versioned

Enables versioning on the dataset for multiuser editing. This is one of the last steps performed against the utility network feature dataset before enabling the network topology.

Set Value for Range Domain

Sets the minimum and maximum values for an existing range domain.

Update Geodatabase Connection Properties to Branch

Updates a database connection to branch versioning. This ensures branch versioning is used for the versioning type when registering datasets as versioned.