Align a topology edge

Align Edge Align Edge reshapes a topology edge to match and be coincident with another topology edge that shares two common topology nodes. This tool is available in the Modify Features pane when map topology is turned on.


Aligning a topology edge can be a quick way to close a gap between polyline or polygon boundaries without aligning features to a traced line.

To align a topology edge, complete the following steps:

  1. On the ribbon, click the Edit tab, turn on Map Topology, and show the Modify Features pane.
    1. In the Manage Edits group, click the Map Topology Map Topology drop-down arrow and enable map topology.

      Map Topology

    2. In the Features group, click Modify Modify Features.
  2. In the Modify Features pane, expand Alignment and click Align Edge Align Edge.

    The topology graph highlights in the map.

  3. Hover over the feature until the edge you want to align highlights as a solid line.

    Align Edge before alignment

  4. Click the highlighted solid line.

    The edge reshapes and snaps to the nearby edge that shares two common topology nodes.

    Align Edge after alignment

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