Delete a keyframe

If you have an unnecessary keyframe, you can improve the animation path by deleting the individual keyframe. You can also delete multiple keyframes at once, or remove all keyframes and close animation.

You can delete a keyframe in the following ways:


Delete Delete keyframe

Delete the current keyframe displayed in the Keyframe List in the Edit group on the Animation tab.

Optionally, expand the Keyframe List to view your existing keyframes and select the keyframe you want to delete.

The Duration value for your animation will update to the new, shorter overall time.

Optionally, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Delete to delete the current keyframe.

If you do not choose a keyframe directly from the Keyframe List, clicking Delete deletes the keyframe that is currently displayed.

Right-click and choose Delete Selection or press the Delete key

Select one or more keyframes from the Keyframe Gallery in the Animation Timeline pane.

In the Animation Timeline pane, a selected keyframe is required to modify or delete it.

Right-click and choose Delete Keyframe or press the Delete key

Interactively edit keyframes and the path in the map with the Edit Current Keyframe tool Edit Current Keyframe.

In the Display group on the Animation tab, you can use editing tools and an on-screen edit handle to move, delete, and insert keyframes.

Delete All Delete all keyframes

Delete all the keyframes and keep animation open. Located in the Edit group on the Animation tab.

Use this to delete all keyframes and start over.

Remove Remove Animation

Delete all the keyframes and close animation. Located in the Animation group on the View tab.

Use this if you are finished working with animation. Keyframes are removed at once, any animation panes are closed, and the Animation tab disappears.