Calculate summary statistics for aggregated features

Feature aggregation is used in ArcGIS Pro to visualize a large number of point features into a smaller number of aggregated symbols. The symbols can then be modified to better represent the contained features. By default, the way aggregated features are symbolized is based on the number of features per cluster or bin, but you can calculate additional statistics on any numeric field in an aggregated feature layer.

If you are using database-driven binning, summary statistics fields can be created when the Enable Feature Binning geoprocessing tool is run. You can calculate the sum, mean, minimum, maximum, or standard deviation of any numeric field in the dataset and create a summary statistic result field. These result fields are stored in the source feature class and appear automatically on the Summary Statistics dialog box. The statistics are available for symbolization. Summary fields are present for any layer based on a binning-enabled dataset.

If you are clustering or binning features within the application, all summary statistics fields are calculated dynamically and stored in the feature layer, but they are not stored in the attribute table of the layer. Specific to clustered feature layers, you can calculate the mode of a categorical (nonnumeric) field in the dataset and create a summary statistic result field. With binned feature layers, you can calculate the mode and display it in a pop-up, but it cannot be used to symbolize the bins.

To add summary statistics to an aggregated feature layer, follow these steps:

  1. Highlight a feature layer in the Contents pane.
  2. On the Binning or Clustering tab, in the Summary group, click Summary Statistics Statistics.

    The Summary Statistics dialog box displays a table of existing summary fields.

  3. To calculate a new statistic, click the Field drop-down menu and specify the field from the layer's attribute table to use for the calculation.
  4. Click the Statistic Type drop-down menu and choose to calculate the sum, mean, minimum, maximum, mode, or standard deviation for the selected field.

    The mode summary statistic is only available to show in pop-ups or to symbolize clustered feature layers.

    A result field name is created.

  5. Optionally, type an alias for the statistic in the Result Field Alias field.
  6. Click OK.

    The result field is available for symbolizing the features, bins, or clusters.

  7. To remove a summary statistic from the feature layer, highlight the row in the statistics table and click Remove.

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