Voxel layer exploration

You can represent voxel layers as volume or surfaces by switching between these modes in the Contents pane. You have several options to explore a voxel layer. If you are visualizing a continuous variable, you can create an isosurface to explore specific values. You can define an area of interest using slices, or create sections to explore different locations of the voxel layer. Use the Slice and Section toolbar to create and edit slices and sections.


Use the Esc key to cancel creating a slice or section. To exit the Slice and Section toolbar, click any tool such as Explore on the Map tab.

Slice and Section toolbar tools

To enable the Slice and Section toolbar, click a voxel layer in the Contents pane. On the Data tab, in the Explore group, click Slice and Section Explore.

The following tools are available on the Slice and Section toolbar:

  • Vertical Section Vertical Section—Create a vertical section using two clicks.
  • Horizontal Section Horizontal Section—Creates a horizontal section using one click.
  • Vertical Slice Create Vertical Slice—Create a vertical slice of the voxel layer using two clicks.
  • Horizontal Slice Create Horizontal Slice—Create a horizontal slice of the voxel layer using one click.
  • Push or Pull Move Slice—Push or pull the slice or section.
  • Orient Orient Slice—Rotate the slice or section along a vertical line.
  • Tilt Tilt Slice—Rotate the slice or section along a horizontal line.
  • Flip Reverse color scheme—Flip the culling direction.
  • Delete Delete—Delete the current slice or section.

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