Author a mobile scene package for ArcGIS Maps SDKs

Best practices for authoring mobile scene packages for use in ArcGIS Maps SDKs are described below.

Data considerations

To optimize textures for 3D object scene layers, it is recommended that you use the Mobile option in the Texture Optimization parameter in the Create Mobile Scene Package tool. This parameter creates textures using the ETC2 compression that can optimize textures up to 20 percent on a mobile device. Because the algorithm must find the optimal texture, the package can take significant time to create.

If the scene contains a network layer that references a network dataset, it will be included in the mobile scene package as a transportation network for routing and driving directions. All feature classes and tables that the network references will become part of the mobile scene package. This may include layers that are not part of the scene. For example, if there is only a network layer in the scene, the package will include the streets, junctions, and turns feature classes associated with the network.

For a network dataset to support mobile scene packaging, there are a few restrictions to keep in mind:

  • The network dataset cannot be in a basemap.
  • The network dataset must be part of a geodatabase. This excludes networks that are in SDC or shapefile format.
  • The network dataset must be from ArcGIS Desktop 10 or later. If the network is from an earlier version, upgrade the geodatabase and network.
  • The network dataset cannot have an unknown coordinate system.
  • The network dataset cannot use VB or Python script evaluators.
  • The network dataset cannot use custom COM evaluators.
  • A network dataset that uses live traffic will be packaged, but the live traffic components will not be used since they are not supported.

Ensure that the mobile device has sufficient space for the mobile scene package. Use the Area of Interest parameter to create a mobile scene package with a smaller area of interest. See Area of interest considerations for more details.

Scene considerations

Applications built using ArcGIS Maps SDKs support global scenes and not local scenes. The only supported horizontal coordinate systems allowed are WGS 1984 and Web Mercator Auxiliary Sphere. To create a mobile scene package in Web Mercator Auxiliary Sphere in global viewing mode, consider creating a basemap and adding the basemap to the scene. See Basemap and elevation layers for more information.

Access considerations

Use the Anonymous Use parameter to share mobile scene packages with those who do not have an ArcGIS organizational account.

An ArcGIS Publisher extension is required to enable anonymous use.


The Anonymous Use parameter is only available in the geoprocessing tool if the ArcGIS Publisher extension has been licensed with ArcGIS Pro.

Expiration considerations

Use the Enable Scene Expiration parameter to display additional parameters related to the expiration of the mobile scene package.

The Expired Scene Access parameter can be used to control what happens when the expired scene is opened in the ArcGIS Maps SDKs app. The scene can either be opened with a warning to the user or the user can be informed that the scene has expired and cannot be opened.

The Expiration Date parameter can be used to set a time, date, or datetime for the package to expire.

The Expiration Message parameter can be used by the scene author to inform the user what to do when the scene has expired. There is no limit to the number of characters. Messages may include URLs, phone numbers, and special characters.


The expiration parameters are only available in the geoprocessing tool if the ArcGIS Publisher extension has been licensed with ArcGIS Pro.

Version considerations

Older ArcGIS Maps SDKs apps may not support newer functionality. To prevent issues in older apps, the mobile scene package version will be increased to a major version to prevent the older ArcGIS Maps SDKs app from opening the package. The following functionality may cause a major version increase.

  • Raster dataset elevation source
  • Cached image service elevation source
  • TPKX elevation source, operational or basemap layer
  • Cached image service basemap or operational layer
  • Scene Service operational layer

ArcGIS Maps SDKs apps

Mobile scene packages are supported in custom 3D ArcGIS Maps SDKs apps beginning with the 100.5 release. This includes ArcGIS Earth 1.10, ArcGIS Earth Mobile, and ArcGIS AppStudio 4.0.

For more details on using mobile scene packages in ArcGIS Maps SDKs, see Open a mobile scene package from ArcGIS Pro.