Compatible graphics adapter not found

ArcGIS Pro attempts to leverage a compatible graphics adapter to efficiently display your maps and scenes. Requirements for graphics adapters are available from the system requirements page. When ArcGIS Pro is unsuccessful and unable to access the graphics processing unit (GPU), it uses the central processing unit (CPU) to emulate a GPU. While this allows maps and scenes to draw, performance is significantly lower, especially for 3D scenes. A message is shown to inform you of this issue. This message may be triggered when running ArcGIS Pro on a platform without a GPU, like a non-hardware-accelerated virtual machine (VM). To resolve the issue, VM platforms may need to be configured to add GPU support. Contact your administrator to request this enhancement.

This problem can also occur if the GPU is unavailable due to a corrupted, out-of-date, or otherwise compromised device driver. If your computer has a compatible GPU and you feel you've received this message in error, you may need to update your GPU drivers from the manufacturer's site.

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