Perform flood simulation analysis

After a simulation has been configured, it must be run. When a simulation is run, an analytical elevation surface is created, using either the currently visible layers or a custom set of layers. Water movement and pooling is calculated and progressively displayed in the view. As the simulation runs, a cache of key moments is built. Playback controls can then be used to replay or step through the results.

Run a simulation

Once the simulation layer has been added to the scene and configured, the flood simulation can be run. To do this, click the Run button Run Simulation in the Build group of the Simulation tab. The simulation begins to play.

As the simulation runs, the time currently being displayed is reflected in the Current time box in the Playback group of the Simulation tab. As each calculation is generated, it displays, the current time value updates to match, and a playback cache is built. The time difference between each cached moment is seen in the read-only Step time box.

To move to a specific instant in time within the simulation, type a new time value into the Current time box and press Enter. The simulation loads the nearest previous cached moment and plays forward from that time.

Playback a simulation

Once the full duration has been generated and played though once, playback controls can be used to incrementally step through the cached results. These controls include the following:

  • Move to Start Move to Start—Set the simulation to its starting state.
  • Step Backward Step backward—Move the simulation backward one step.
  • Play Play—Begin animating the cached simulation.
  • Step Forward Step forward—Move the simulation forward one step.
  • Move to End Move to End—Set the simulation to its last cached state.
  • Rain Display Rain—Display the 3D visual rain effect while playing the simulation. This is only available in global scene views.

You can use the playback controls while the simulation is playing, but the time continues to move forward after you click. To use the step or move controls, it is recommended that you first pause the playback.

Rerunning a simulation

If changes are made to the configuration after it has been run, the simulation must be run again and the cache rebuilt to show the new results.


Symbology changes do not require the scenario to be run again.

In the Build group of the Simulation tab, click the Run button Run Simulation. The existing cache will be removed and a new simulation cache will be generated.

Clearing a simulation cache

A simulation cache is maintained even when a project is closed. If you do not want to save the cache, click the Clear button Clear in the Build group of the Simulation tab. You can also configure how individual layers manage their cache on the Cache tab of the simulations' Layer Properties dialog box.

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