Label using the River placement style for polygon features

Some rivers are symbolized with a polygon feature due to their width. Rivers are special features that have many curves and tight bends that are not easily labeled without seeming cramped. The Maplex Label Engine River placement style generalizes the trend line for the turns of the polygon river and places the label following that smoother line. River labeling also allows the label to be placed following more than one bend.

There are three placement positions for polygon river features: horizontal, curved, and offset curved. The following image shows the Ganaraska River labeled using the river placement style and the curved placement position.

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Polygon river placement
  1. Ensure that the Maplex Label Engine is enabled.
  2. Ensure that List By Labeling is the active method of displaying the Contents pane. Click the List By Labeling tab List By Labeling.
  3. Choose a label class in the Contents pane and click the Labeling tab.
  4. On the Labeling tab, in the Label Placement group, click Label Placement Properties Launcher.
  5. In the Labeling pane, click Position and click the Position tab Position.
  6. Expand Placement.
  7. Choose River placement from the drop-down list.

    The label position can change when you choose the River placement style. This is because there are three placement positions for polygon river features: Horizontal in polygon, Curved in polygon, and Curved around polygon.